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from June 22

The next, the third in a row Baku International Jazz Festival was held from the 7th of June 2007 to the 14th. As in the past years the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Friends of Azerbaijan Culture Foundation and Baku Jazz Center were the organizers of the Festival...>>>


Press-Release from June 14, Year 2007 And now the last day of the Festival has come. Already yesterday the decline in tensions could be felt – relaxation dominated in the building of the Jazz Center. Only the weather was disturbing everyone – and the reason was as always - the wind. Actually running ahead I will say that the weather was just perfect by the evening…
The program of the closing concert of the Festival was prepared envisaging participation of the guests of our city who had not left it then – so the closing concert was very successful. And Aziza Mustafazadeh’s consent to perform in the closing of the Festival created a special rush around the concert – some fans were ready to pay for a ticket from 5 up to 50 AZN! Taking into account the journalists, the organizers of the Festival, the spectators with tickets and those who managed to get in the concert without tickets the overall number of the spectators reached approximately 3,000!
Isfar Sarabskiy with his team started the concert – and as always his performance was accompanied with stormy reaction of the audience: the boy is technical, expressive and sincere. I will note that on that day Isfar was included in the "Golden Book" of the young talents in the musical sphere by a decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Shahin Novrasli was after Isfar – this time Tofig Jabarov was instead of the drummer Alexander Mashin who had left the Festival. As we already got used to it during the recent years Nathan Peck was the bass in Shahin’s band. Our guests from France who performed three plays continued the evening. It was a pity that the composition from the sound track for the Turkish film " Sans Kapiyi Kirinca" written by the musicians of the band was not performed that evening. During their performance at Baku Jazz Center exactly that play was more interesting to me.
A real jam started on the stage of the Green Theatre after the French guys. It was Denise Jannah’s turn to perform and the team accompanying her was formed out of various other teams: Nathan Peck was the bass, Emil Ibrahim – piano and Ruslan Huseynov – contrabass. Claire Michael and Tofig Jabarov joined them afterwards. I would like to note that there wasn’t any preliminary rehearsal – the musicians just agreed on what they would be performing and they once again had demonstrated that jazz is really a unique way of communication. The item before the last one of the program of the Festival was performance of the American Bakunian Zulfugar Baghirov –not with his own team also (all the musicians who had come to Baku with him already left for the USA).
And finally – Aziza Mustafazadeh. Despite the fact that the organizers of the Festival already on the 12th right after Billy Cobham’s concert announced her participation at the final concert, most of the spectators could not believe in that until she appeared on the stage. And that unbelief had grounds: Aziza fundamentally does not perform at outdoor stages. But this time for the sake of her Native city and grateful spectators she had decided to perform at the Green Theatre – and she received an award of ovations.
And right away after her performance the Festival was announced closed. The musicians who participated at the final concert and the members of the organizing committee of the Festival came on the stage. And despite the tiredness accumulated throughout these days it was very sad: the holiday was over. The beautiful holiday of free music and communication without bounds was over. I would like to express my gratitude to those who had bore on their shoulders a colossal work of these days – to the musicians, the members of the organizing committee and also to ordinary people of the Festival and our volunteers who has worked for all 100. And of course to our Bakunian spectator: as it is known king is formed by its retinue. And if the Festival was the king then all those who had been with us on that holiday were they beautiful and noble retinue. Thanks to you all, friends…
Rovshan Sananoglu