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from June 22

The next, the third in a row Baku International Jazz Festival was held from the 7th of June 2007 to the 14th. As in the past years the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Friends of Azerbaijan Culture Foundation and Baku Jazz Center were the organizers of the Festival...>>>


Press-Release from June 13, Year 2007 The day before the last day of the Festival turned out to be one of the quietest – one could feel that everything was on decline. Although even on that day we had enough reasons to make urgent decisions: performances were moved back and forth from one stage to another. Emil Mamedov’s concert was an exception – it was shipped only once – and he performed at Baku Jazz Center instead of Philharmonic. I would like to note that this decision was the most optimal, because after equipping the Center with new sound magnifying equipment the sound became really very good – although there was not enough time to make it ideal. Denise Jannah’s concert was also shipped initially from Philharmonic to the Jazz Center, but later on, considering the vocalist’s wishes she was given a chance to perform at Philharmonic. Hiram Bullock was unlucky due to bad weather: his performance could not fit in the format of the academic hall of Philharmonic – although he worked very hard.
Shortly about the concerts. Actually this festival has hit the record in the number of bands, which initially did not have pianists or at least keyboard player: on the stage of Philharmonic the Volcano quartet already performed and a place for a pianist was not foreseen in it. There was another such band – trio that accompanied the performance of the Dutch singer: guitar, bass and drums. But the art-producer of the Festival Emil Ibrahim joined to our guests in some plays – so this “shortcoming” was partially eliminated. And this concert has met the expectations. Denise Jannah has proved her class.
Emil Mamedov, who came on the stage of the Jazz Center, made a surprise: a wonderful performer on balaban Khakim Abdullayev appeared in his band. And as the performer stated himself a little before the concert in the interview to the Azerbaijani TV, his aim is to maximally follow to the traditions of Azerbaijani music and solicitous attitude towards it. And again like one year before I would like to specially note the young performer’s talent and to wish him devote more time to jazz: the real art needs sacrifices – no matter how banal it sounds.
As to Hirem Bullock’s concert, then he fulfilled his promise, which he had given in the afternoon interview to reporters: there were surprises! The walls of Philharmonic had not seen for a long time such rush, which our guest demonstrated literally in everything – in music and in behavior. Something like that I observed in 70s when Polish rock-bands were our guests. But even then none of them jumped down from the stage into the hall and talked directly with the spectators! The stylistics of the concert gradually slid from jazz to purely rock – and it is not surprising, considering the range of the performer. His aim was not to leave the audience indifferent – and he managed that by 100 percent. At the end he performed a couple of classical rock-compositions, including the undying song Deep Purple "Smoke on the Water". Of course we can argue whether that song fit into the framework of the Festival – but there was no doubt that the spectators loved it.
Rovshan Sananoglu