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from June 22

The next, the third in a row Baku International Jazz Festival was held from the 7th of June 2007 to the 14th. As in the past years the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Friends of Azerbaijan Culture Foundation and Baku Jazz Center were the organizers of the Festival...>>>


Press-Release from June 12, Year 2007 Our guest from Holland vocalist Denise Jannah had a master-class the following day. It was especially pleasant that our young vocalists were coming on the stage and demonstrating their skills – and the experienced teacher Denise very precisely analyzed their mistakes and gave general directions in the work to eliminate them. So this master-class was very beneficial – let us hope that the lessons learned from it would be used in the future.
Saxophonist and vocalist Claire Michael’s (France) band came on the stage almost right after the master class. I would note that even this band, which looked a little wicker that other bands such as Volcano, ZJAZZ and Mashin’s band performed a lot better that last year participants from Italy and Israel. Very solid band, team-work, wonderful play of the band leader Claire Michael, not very complicated music – in most cases from this point travelling to the world of jazz starts. We liked the play, which the musicians composed as a soundtrack for the Turkish film “Sans Kapiyi Kirinca”: here it was not just exotic, but a creative arrangement of the ethnic. For those who could not listen to the band I recommend to come to the Musical Academy on the 21st of June – Claire Michael and her friends will give a concert under the open sky for all.
Shahin Novrasli’s concert started a little after in Philharmonic. Alexander Mashin again took part in it. In his program Shahin included all his brothers who are specialized in the ethno-music. But I did not make it to that concert – having had a little rest after the French guys I headed to the Green Theatre to Billy Cobham’s concert – he was presenting his project Culture Mix. The music that they performed was familiar to me – I have been watching Cobhem’s creativity for more than 30 years. But our guest’s performance created a storm of emotions from everybody – and from me as well. Very high professionalism and very good sound of the band: if you closed the eyes it would seem that you were listening a CD – everything was ideally balanced. We are not talking about the mastery of the musicians – of course everything was on the level. Besides the leader of the band Cobham, percussionist Marco Lobo and steel-pan performer Wilbert Gill made the audience delighted.
The jam session, which took place that evening was a unique: Billy Cobham took part in it – as he said he had not been to jams for 25 years although he likes attending them. And together with him on the stage there were not just the musicians of his project but all others as well – and just arrived in Baku Cobham’s friend Hiram Bullock, Denise Jannah and Claire Michael…
Rovshan Sananoglu