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The next, the third in a row Baku International Jazz Festival was held from the 7th of June 2007 to the 14th. As in the past years the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Friends of Azerbaijan Culture Foundation and Baku Jazz Center were the organizers of the Festival...>>>


Press Conference of Aziza Mustafazadeh - Aziza, you had not been to Baku for a long time, there were even rumors that you did not want to come…
А.М. – It is not right to say that I did not want to come, it is an absurd. I love my homeland. I just had serious reasons.

- How is it like to be a greatest musician’s daughter?
А.М. – Of course, it is a big responsibility to be a daughter of a great genius. Each concert for me is a big responsibility, especially performing in Baku. My dream has become real, I have come back.

- Are you planning to give a concert in Baku in the nearest future and how do you assess the situation with jazz?
А.М. – Yes, I am planning to give a concert, but situation with jazz… I am proud with jazz life in Baku, where musical events are organized at such high level and I am grateful to Nuri muellim, Farkhad muellim and Rovshan muellim. I want such people to be more. May Allah help them!

- You are talking about popularizing your father’s creativity. So when will we see his CD released by a foreign recording studio, for instance by Sony Awards?
E.М. – You see, in order to release Vagif’s album we need people who are aware of our music and know it very well. We have the necessary material, but where to do it and where it will go… I would like people to understand this music.

- How do you evaluate activities of the Vagif Mustafazadeh Fund?
E.М. – What? What? Which fund?

- The Fund headed by Afag Aliyeva…
А.М. – I am not aware of this matter, but if there was a Vagif Mustafazadeh Fund I would know about it. These all are falsifications. There are many rumors recently going around and many imposters come out. Please do not believe them.

- Presently you are continuing your father’s creativity, in a certain meaning. You are holding his niche.…
А.М. – I would not say that I am having Vagif’s niche. He was a personality born only once and there will be no second Vagif. There can not be two suns…

- How people regard the Azerbaijani music abroad?
А.М – I don’t know but people accept us enthusiastically in the West. Mugam charms, there is an entrance to this music, but no exit from it. One can’t express by word what audience feels listening to mugam. It is like being in a cave full of magic.

- Do you believe in God?
А.М. –Yes I do.

- How do you like the present Baku?
- I have not yet had time to look around the town; at this moment Baku for me is the jazz-center.

- Are you in touch with your relatives?
А.М. – Unfortunately I don’t have relatives left in Baku, but I have friends. They are of course Nuri Akhmedov, Farkhad Badalbeyli, Rovshan and my friends.

- What are you interested in, what music do you learn?
А.М. – Life is not enough to learn everything. I am learning the Azerbaijani soul.

- You are representing jazz-mugam but you do not participate at jam sessions. Why is that?
А.М. – Mugam is more than music. I prefer concerts. I am not a jam session lover, although the great Vagif liked them very much and always took part in them. But I do not enjoy it.

- N.А. – I know what the secret is. You all know what jam session is and how much people smoke during it (laughing, remarks – Aziza can not bear a cigarette smoke, before the press-conference the hall of the jazz center was ventilated for a few hours).

- You have presented a new approach during your concert, combination of classics and jazz…
А.М. – Yes, opera-jazz – is a new project, which is based on spiritual beginning. In general I think that classics can not be separated from me, the genes. Elza khanum has classical musical education, I thought for a long time and I also came to this direction.

- Aziza, you are known far beyond our country. As far as we know your sister Lala is also involved in creativity, but her name is not known yet in wider circuses…
E.М. – You know that we would be very happy to know something about Lala. We tried to get in touch with her, but unfortunately…If you, the journalists, could help us get in touch with her we would appreciate that. Children shall not be responsible for parents’ problems.

- Aziza, you have been on the stage for a long time and you performed with your father…
E.М. – Yes, when she was little, she already performed on the stage, she was a soloist. Perhaps you remember the famous cartoon "Jujalerim". Aziza scored it for sound.

- What is the creativity for you?
А.М. - The wish to do something for Vagif.

- Aziza, you look so good, such slender…
А.М. (laughing) – I am not struggling to be slender.

- Do you see Vagif in your dreams, do you feel his spirit?
А.М. – The Great Vagif is always with me. I often see him in the dreams, he speaks to me…

- Have you been to Vagif’s home-museum?
E.М. – We have visited the cemetery, his grave. It is his museum.

- Do you receive any proposals in Germany from our diaspora?
А.М. – I am not connected with the diaspora and I am not involved in the projects.

- Do you want to come back to Baku?
А.М. – I would like to, but what would I give to Azerbaijan, which benefit? In order to present the great musical culture one needs to suffer, miss and actually do know what a sweet feeling the pain is…It inspires so much…

E.М. – I do not quite understand when such questions are asked, what means to come back here? Yes, we work in Germany, but we live in Baku. We are registered here and we come here. I am not sure whether you know but we had been here with Aziza recently.

А.М. –Yes, it was December the 19th . I was celebrating my birthday here.

- As it is known, when you were little you couldn’t quietly listen when your father played "Shur". Has anything changed since that?
А.М. – Memories from the childhood are the strongest and I still can not listen "Shur" without tears. The music affects me very extremely.