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The next, the third in a row Baku International Jazz Festival was held from the 7th of June 2007 to the 14th. As in the past years the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Friends of Azerbaijan Culture Foundation and Baku Jazz Center were the organizers of the Festival...>>>


Sevda Alekperzade (Azerbaijan)

Sevda Alekperzade

Sevda's voice is difficult to entangle up with someone else's: its strong and thick with special guttural notes And this is not-withstanding the fact that her style of singing embraces many possible elements: you can discern in it both soul music and jazz, new wave, and even African griots Sevda was interested in trying to learn everything both techniques of traditional "khanende" singing (lessons of legendary singed Alim Gasimov proved a help) and opera bel canto (she went for probation period to Florence, Italy in 2005 not in vain).
The most important feature that has always characterized the singers performance is a high degree of emotional contribution which cannot leave you indifferent Sevda Alekperzade comes from a family where culture was objective and predestination of everybody. Her grandfather Abulgasan Alekperzade is a national writer of Azerbaijan and author of the first Azerbaijani novel written in the Soviet period. Her father, Chingiz Alekperzade, was a famous journalist-writer. She and her sister started to take a great interest in singing from childhood - when Sevda was only 14 and Elmira - 18, they came to Aypara group which was formed and led by Vagif Gerayzade. Sevda is grateful fortune for the chance of working with outstanding musician Rafig Babayev in the beginning of her career, as well as with other composers and arrangers working in his studio, such as, for example, Siyavush Kerimi and Rashad Gashimov. Everybody noted not only strong voice and inner culture of young singer, but also subtle fascination of her manner of singing that contradicted to traditional stylistic standards.
The new project of Rashad Gashimov - Rast group - in many respects was based on bright and extraordinary voice of Sevda Alekperzade. Collaboration of the singer with this group had lasted for quite a long period - from 1993 to 2001. There are many good tunes associated with this period, two issued compact disks, performances in large halls in Baku, Istanbul, Ashkhabad, inclusion in the list of finalists of Radio France International competition in 1993. However, there arrived the moment when mutual obligations of team members started to constrain each of them. In 2001 Sevda decided to start a solo career. She remained friends with Rast group team. The first independent work of Sevda was the song "Deme ki sevmirem", which was written for her by Jamil Amirov – composer, who used to write songs very seldom but extremely successfully. Perhaps, due to this fact this song was singled out at once having been immediately included in hit parades of azeri TV-channels.
To do everything on one's own is more difficult and at the same time more interesting selection of repertory, clip-makers, arrangers - to all appearances, Sevda Alekperzade manages to succeed in all this. For the last several years she had actually become one of the most important and loved singers in Azerbaijan. Her music videos are always rated in the first top ten list. She very often invited to TV-shows as a competition jury member. She successfully performed in Georgia, Israel, Italy, Poland. Special projects of Sevda - concert program "Shabi Khijran", prepared jointly with pianist and arranger Emil Ibragim and a number of other outstanding musicians, single of the song "Elvida" of Emin Sabit oglu in remarkable arrangement of Salman Gambarov and hymn of Council Of Europe "The ode of Joy" of Bethoven performed by her in jazz and mugam arrangement - became events discussed by everybody.

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