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Aziza Mustafa ZadehBilly Cobham "Culture Mix"
Hiram Bullock GroupDenise Jannah
Grzegorz Karnas's "Dreams" Project "Djabe"  Group

from June 22

The next, the third in a row Baku International Jazz Festival was held from the 7th of June 2007 to the 14th. As in the past years the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Friends of Azerbaijan Culture Foundation and Baku Jazz Center were the organizers of the Festival...>>>


Mark Turner
& Alexander Mashin Group
(USA - Russia)

Mark Turner – sax
Alexander Mashin - drums
Yakov Okun - piano
Petr Vostokov - trumpet
Anton Revnyuk - double bass

Mark Turner (USA)

Mark Turner (USA)
Born November 10, 1965 in Fairborn, Ohio, Mark Turner moved with his family to California when he was four. Turner started playing clarinet at 9 then later switched to alto then tenor saxophone as a teenager. He studied art at Long Beach State and California College of Arts and Crafts. He then transfered to Berklee College of Music graduating in 1990 with a BM in performance.
Since moving to New York he has worked and or recorded with musicians such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Dave Holland, Paul Motian, Brad Meldau, John Pattitucci, Dave Douglass, Billy Hart, Lee Konitz and James Moody. He on dozen's of recordings as a sideman as well as five of his own recordings.

Yam Yam - Criss Cross
Mark Turner -WB
In This World-WB
Ballad Session-WB
Dharma Days-WB

Alexander Mashin (Russia)

Alexander Mashin (Russia)

Alexander Mashin was born in Saint Petersburg in 1976.
In 1991 he meets Saint Petersburg’s jazz musicians in "Kvadrat" jazz-club. And straightway gets invitation to "North West Dixie Band". In this band he plays for three years, participates in his first jazz festivals. In 1993 right after performance in "Osenniye ritmi" festival he receives invitation to quintet of Nikolay Popravko – Alexander Berenson. At the same time he plays in Dmitry Baevskiy youth ensemble. These two ensembles became the first serious musical experience of Alexander Mashin.
In 1994 he participates in Varanger Festival Vadso (Norway) with Nikolay Popravko – Alexander Berenson quintet. At the same year he plays in Baltic Jazz Malmo (Sweden) with A.Sinenko quartet. In 1995 Mashin performs in Saint Petersburg’s jazz clubs like "Kvadrat", Jazz Philarmonic Hall, "Okoshki" and New Jazz Club. In the latter Alexander meets Igor Butman who just returned from emigration. That time Butman establishes ensemble of Russian musicians, and he invites Mashin to his new ensemble. From 1995 to 1998 Alexander Mashin constantly participates in Igor Butman’s quartet. In 1995 he tours with "Allegro" ensemble together with Igor Butman (sax), Viacheslav Nazarov (trombone), Alexander Berenson (trumpet), Yakov Okun (piano), Vitaly Solomonov (double bass).
At the same time Extra Trio Plus ensemble is being established: Yevgeny Strigalev (sax), Vladimir Koltsov-Krutov (double bass), Nikolay Sizov (piano) and Grigory Voskoboynik (double bass), Alexander Mashin (drums).
Starting from the age of 18 Alexander Mashin regularly participates in many festivals and concerts. He also participated in Baku International Jazz Festivals for a few times.
In 1999 after establishment of "MosGorTrio" ensemble (Yakov Okun, Anton Revnuk, Alexander Mashin) Alexander moves to Moscow where he cooperates with the best jazz musicians of Russia as well: Stanislav Grigoryev, German Lukyanov, Alexy Kuznetsov, Mikhail Okun, Vladimir Danilin, Viktor "Arzu" Guseynov, Alexander Rostotskiy, Anatoly Gerasimov, Arkady Shilkoper, Boris Kurganov, Ivan Farmakovsky, Alexy Nikolayev, Irina Tomayeva, Denis Shvitov, Dmitry Mospan, Vitaly Golovnev, Sergey Golovna, Andrey Lobanov, Ilya Lushtak, Igor Kondur, Evgeniy Sokolovsky, Anton Zaletayev, Leonid Shupik, Viktor Podkoritov, Valery Ponomarev, Viktor Dvoskin, Vladimir Shavranov.
Mashin also participated with musicians from Saint Petersburg: Mikhail Kostushkin, Andrey Kondakov, Nikolay Sizov, Gennady Golshtein, David Goloshekin, Valery Belinov, Vladimir Volkov, Andrey Svetlov, Andrey Sinenko, Ivan Vasilyev.
Alexander Mashin played with foreign musicians as well: Benny Golson, Johny Griffin, Ritchie Cole, Lew Tabackin, Mark Soskin (Sonny Rollins), Paul Bollenbeck (Jeff "Tain" Wats), Donnie Mccaslin (Steps Ahead), Dug Rainy, Andres Boyarsky (Lionel Hampton Big Band), Thomas Frank (Big Band of Danish TV-Radio), Sunny Samter, Yukka Perkko, Craig Handy, Sachal Vasandani.

New Generation (D.Baevsky - I. Vasilyev)
St-Peterburg Jazz Quintet (N. Popravko - A. Berenson) 1994
Ruslan Khain Sextet
Andrey Kondakov - Napua Devoy
Extra Trio Plus "Тhe first trip"
Extra Trio Plus "Amputation"
Extra Trio Plus "Day Shooting"
MosGorTrio "Trio" 2000
MosGorTrio + Sergei Golovnya 2002
J V L Big Band & Four Tenors 2002
Andrey Kondakov "Fragments" 2003
Valery Grokhovskiy 2003

Yakov Okun (Russia)

Yakov Okun (Russia)
Piano player Yakov Okun is a talented serious musician who came to the Jazz scene in 90’s of XX century. He’s been recognized as "new leader of the modern Russian Jazz". He has a bright reputation of a musician, whose possession of traditions and educated view allows to work with the material as correctly as easily.
Yakov Okun was born in Moscow on 4th of June 1972 in the family of the famous jazz musician, piano player and teacher Mikhail Okun. Music and jazz atmosphere surrounded him from childhood. He started to study music when he was five years old: first it was violin, then piano. He’s been graduated from the Musical School named after Gnesins, one of the best specialized musical schools for particularly gifted children, piano class and his teacher was famous Freynkina. Yakov Okun entered pop-jazz department of State musical college named after Gnesins in 1988. Then he started his serious studying of jazz music.
In 1991 as a member of ensemble he’s been directed with a group of the best students to the international summer school in Dublin. The head of the school the great American sax player Dave Liebman noted Yakov Okun’s play and appointed him as the leader of the international jazz-band successfully performed on the final concert. Same year piano player awarded Grand Prix on the International competition of jazz bands in Bucharest (Romania), where he performed together with sax player brothers Dmitriy and Alexander Brill and drummer Eduard Zizak.
In 1992 Yakov Okun accepted the invitation of famous Finnish sax musician Yukki Perko and performing on the International Jazz Festival Pori Jazz. Same year he entered Moscow State University of culture and simultaneously professionally working in jazz bands with famous Russian musicians Victori Epaneshnikov, Valeriy Katcnelson, Vyacheslav Preobrazhenski, Alex Rostotcki.
In 1993 Yakov Okun accepted the invitation of the greatest jazz player, composer and arranger German Lukyanov and started collaboration with his famous band "Kadans" where his father, piano player Mikhail Okun was an excellent performer from 1978 to 1983.
In 1994 – 1995 Yakov Okun plays in sax player Igor Butman’s band who was recently back from New York to Russia. Together with band of trombonist Vyacheslav Nazarov and Igor Butman the musician tours throughout Russia.
In 1999 Yakov Okun takes part in recording a disc of Vladimir Danilin, one of the best jazz accordion players (produced by Alex Rostotsky). The disc is recorded by "Boheme music" company and gets the highest evaluation by survey of jazz critics. This record was recognized to be the best disc of the year, and what’s more it was awarded by Viktor Babushkin premium (the founder of modern school of sound production in our country) for sound solution. At the same time Yakov Okun forms his own trio consisting the best musicians of "the new generation" of 90’s: drummer Alexander Mashin and double bass player Anton Revnuk. "MosGorTrio" – that was the name of the new ensemble – performs a lot with personal programs, even as a rhythm-section accompanying the best Russian and foreign soloists. Thus, during a period of 2000-2007 Yakov Okun’s trio performs with: Donny McKazlin, Jonny Griffin, Thomas Franc, Lou Tabakin, Eddy Henderson, James Spolding, Alex Sipagin.
In 2002 Yakov Okun’s trio and tenor-saxophone player Sergey Golovna (in assistance of Viktor Livshic, the founder and the owner of JVL club) performed on Copenhagen jazz-festival. The same year, on the survey of jazz critics, Yakov Okun was named musician of the year in "Mainsteam" nomination. Performance of Yakov Okun in two projects: in German Lukyanov’s ensemble and with his own quartet joined by American trumpet-player Endy Henderson, become one of the most successful and bright events on the international "Jazz in Ermitaj garden" festival in 2004. The same year the musician tours in Finland along with the famous Moscow vocalist Anna Buturina and double bass player Grigory Voskoboynik from Saint-Petersburg.
In 2005 Yakov Okun was invited to quartet of Igor Butman to participate in the "Great Russian composers of 20th century" concert cycle for performance of Alfred Schnitke’s first symphony by symphonic orchestra leaded by Gennady Rojdestvensky.
Piano player Yakov Okun is a deeply intellectual, versatile musician. His artistic ideals are such powerful individuals in the world’s history of jazz as John Koltrein, Miles Davis, Telonius Monk. The musician tends to continue their musical traditions. At the same time Bach is close and modern for him, he’s interestd in composing process, orchestration and instrumentation. In a word, this musician constantly seriously works on himself which doesn’t have anything in common with external fuss and desire to be "demanded". In opinion of Yakov Okun, scene first of all is responsibility. And in musical language of jazz he always tends to clarity, independently from aesthetics.
The musician is in constant search of new ensemble colors, creates and experiments with different structures, modifies trio which must be the most interesting ensemble from the point of instrumental music playing.
Yakov Okun is not just a great jazz player, he also creates and develops his own artistic and style place in it. And piano player Yakov Okun is absolutely earnest and individual in it.

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